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Yo-Yo Awards

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Abbeville Harbor and Terminal District Committee Members
Gerald Libersat, Tim Creswell, Bud Zaunbrecher, & Carlton Campbell

Updated: August 13, 2013
We are awarding yo-yo's to the Abbeville Harbor & Terminal District committee members Gerald Libersat, Tim Creswell, Bud Zaunbrecher and Carlton Campbell for last week's unbelievable inanity of re-nominating Gerald Libersat to the committee after he had missed 15 consecutive meetings. Sources tell us that this is a usual pattern of Libersat. In the past we're told he twice did not attend meetings for 15 or more sessions and showed up when members are re-nominated.

This was made possible by the three members who voted Libersat in: Tim Creswell, Wayne Lebleu and Carlton Campbell. After Gerald Libersat, Carlton Campbell has the next lowest attendance record, missing 11 meetings between January, 2012 and May, 2013. Tim Creswell and Wayne Lebleu were next, missing 7 meetings. The three are trying to maintain their "Old-Boy" network and further their own personal agendas.

It was reported by the Abbeville Meridional that the board re-nominated Gerald Libersat to serve another six-year term as commissioner. When it came down to discussion before the vote, James Noel wanted to talk about Libersat’s renomination. Sources tell us that the other members cut him short and proceeded in re-nominated Gerald Libersat, causing Noel, a commissioner for 20 years, to resign because of this committee's shenanigans.

We will be constantly updating this situation and welcome input from others who are upset by this.

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