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Town of Erath, Louisiana - City Court Idiocy

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The town of Erath has an unique way of generating revenue from traffic violations. Erath High School, located on LA Hwy 685 on the south side of town, is a 24 hour speed trap. In most cities, the school speed warning lights are usually turned on in the morning and afternoon for a couple of hours to protect the students entering and leaving school. At Erath High, the lights are usually blinking 24 hours per day, causing folks familiar with most school warning lights to assume that they simply forgot to turn them off. The local police are usually parked at the school, waiting for speeders to come throught, even on weekends.

A recent speeding ticket issued by the local police didn't state the fine for the offence. This requires that one phone the City Court to determine the amount of the fine, which could not be paid by mail. Then the fun begins. A speeder appeared at the city court with credit cards and checkbook in hand to pay the fine of approximately $117.00, only to be told that credit cards and checks were not accepted. Then its off to the ATM machine to obtain the cash, returning with $120.00 in cash to pay the fine, he was then told it had to be exact money and that they could not give change. Since the change due was about $3.00, the speeder simply said they could not keep the change, but they refused to take the money. An offer was made to donate the $3.00 to the City. That too was not possible. So it was off again to the convenience store to buy a candy bar in order to have the exact amount of money to pay the fine. All resulting in over an hour lost in the process.

Erath residents are a proud of their sports teams at Erath High School. They take pride in their local schools performance under a principal with political intentions, who then abandons the school to accept an appointment by Governor Jindal's office (the same governor who is systematically destroying public education in the state). What else is there left to proud of?

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