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Yo-Yo Awards

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The Missing Seven
"Vermilion Parish Police Jurors
With Lowest Attendance
(Sorted by lowest attendance)

Updated: June 23, 2013
We are awarding yo-yo's to the seven Vermilion Parish Police Jurors
with the lowest attendance at the bi-monthly meetings.
They are:

Errol Domingues Photo

Errol J. Domingues

Ronald Darby Photo

Ronald Darby

Dane Hebert Photo

Dane Hebert

Sandrus Stelly Photo

Sandrus Stelly

Nathan Granger Photo

Nathan Granger

Cloris J. Boudreaux Photo

Cloris J. Boudreaux

Mark Poché Photo

Mark Poché

We will be constantly updating this information in the future.
Click here for chart showing each member's attendance record.