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Simone Champagne
Traitor to the Democratic Party
Louisiana House of Representatives - District 49

Champagne Photo

UPDATE: (January 22, 2011): Even with the help of the Republicans, who promised her a bright future for switching sides, and with the active help of David Vitter, the blonde lost the election and is now history.

We are awarding Simone Champagne the maximum number of five Yo-Yo’s for leaving the Democratic party to become a Republican after less than two years in her first elected public office. In her announcement that she was officially ending her affiliation with the Democratic party, she said, “Although I was elected as a Democrat in 2007, I have concluded after much discussion and prayer that I can no longer affiliate myself with a party that does not reflect my core values and beliefs.” How can she honestly say that her prayers were a reason to switch parties? Was she confused about the discussions being with GOD, or with the GOP who promised her more money for her re-election?

Here is a link to the New Orleans Examiner article on her switch to the Republican party.

Her website describes her education as a high school graduate of Jeanerette High School in 1971. She doesn’t have a college degree, and claims her continuing education was in banking (not exactly a profession concerned with the local citizenry).

She promotes the fact that she was twice the President of the local Chamber of Commerce and that she was the Outstanding Citizen of the same chamber in 2006, the year before she ran for public office. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has just been exposed for soliciting money from foreign corporations, some of which are state run companies in China, to run attack ads against Democrats. Their pitch to the foreign companies was that their contributions would help elect Republicans who would be more supportive to outsourcing jobs to these same foreign companies. In essence, by supporting the Chamber of Commerce, Champagne does not support jobs here in the United States.

Campaign contributions to Simone Champagne shed much light on her reasons for switching to the Republican party. In 2009 her campaign contributions came from 4 individuals ($780.00) and 51 Institutions ($23,673.00) including Lawyers & Lobbyists ($2,824), Health Professionals ($2,750), Electric Utilities ($1,500), Oil and Gas ($1,250), Hospitals and Nursing Homes ($1,250), Pharmaceuticals & Health Products ($1,200), Accountants ($1,200) and Tobacco companies & tobacco product sales ($1,000).

Contrary to her campaigning as a woman from a small town working for the people, she has embraced the Republican agenda and is receiving the 94.6% of her money from institutions and only 3.1% from the individuals she claims she was elected to represent. More than 29% of her Institutional contributions come from out of state. The top Louisiana cities providing her contributions are Baton Rouge (71%), New Orleans (8.5%), Lafayette (6.1%) and David Duke's home town of Metairie (5.7%). Jeanerette, her home town, and New Iberia her last employment city, don't even make the list.

Here is a link to her 2009 Contributions.

Here’s a link to a list of all of her Institutional Contributors in 2008 and 2009.

She used the Democratic party to get elected, then joined the Grand Ole Party which keeps trying to legislate what moral values all Americans should have, and has been attempting to repeal Roe vs. Wade to prevent abortions. She claims that her reason for switching was for her core values and beliefs. Here in Acadiana, that sounds like the Catholic Church is pulling her strings. She seems to have ignored the women who elected her and their core values? Reading the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States which specifically specify a separation of Church and State, is probably beyond her comprehension.

It is somewhat understandable when someone like Phil Gramm switches to the Republican party to support his banking cronies, but for this woman to do so is like pissing on the very women in her district who elected her. She is nothing more than a woman seeking power. Switching to the opposition party has everything to do with getting re-elected and nothing to do with her claims to be representing the little folks who put her in office to begin with.

Her answers to questions put to her during her campaign provided dim-witted responses from her. She is definitely not the brightest imitation blonde in the area. Let’s begin drumming up support for an intelligent democrat (with at least a college degree) to run against her next year.