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Awarded 5 Yo-Yo's

Perry photo

Jonathan W. Perry
Louisiana State Representative
District 47 (Vermilion & Cameron Parishes)
407 Charity Street, Suite 102, Abbeville, LA 70510
Phone: 337-893-5035, Fax: 337-898-1160

Jonathan Perry has been awarded 5 Yo-Yo's, first for actions he has taken regarding the adoption of children by unmarried couples, for wanting to have Louisiana on a different time than all of the surrounding states, and for his conservative agenda which does little to help the poor and the lower middle classes.

He sponsored a bill (HB 60) a bill that insists birth certificates for children can only include the names of married parents or single individuals. It is targeted directly at GLBT couples, who obviously can't marry in the great state of Louisiana. Not only is the legislation mean-spirited and homophobic, but it's also an endangerment to kids. For example: if a kid and one of his GLBT moms were in an accident, the other GLBT mom would have to go through a fair chunk of legal maneuvering to ensure visitation and other rights to care for the child. And that's just one of many unpleasant scenarios. Following are a number of links to articles and postings opposing Perry's actions:

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perry family photo

We love these politicians who parade their families in public
to get a few extra votes. This is a campaign photo of his family:

By sponsoring bill HR-60 he shows that he does not want to other couples (Gay or Straight who are not married) the right have a family like his. The bill allows single persons to adopt, therefore one can only conclude that the only objective of this bill is to deny the adoption of children by gay couples. His homophobic actions are denying the chance for many children to have a loving family like his. Just think of the many poor and hungry orphans in the world who are being denied a chance to live. He and his family should be ashamed of themselves.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."--Matthew v:3.
But damned by the civil servants like Perry who want to deny the poor
orphans the chance to have anything more that a blessed spirit.

According to most studies, population growth is the single most destructive factor contributing to the increasing pollution of the earth. Therefore Perry and anyone else with more than two children are contributing a greater share of pollution in this world.

Although this is probably just another political publicity stunt using the gay adoption issue, he seems to be bowing down to the Catholic Church, an organization currently embroiled in an international scandal involving homosexual and paedophile priests. Children have a greater chance of being sexually molested at church than by their gay parents. Homophobes like Jonathan Perry usually have fears of their own gay tendencies, and he just might some skeletons in his own closet. What have gays done to him in his past and what right does he have to deny others their rights because they are not married? If anyone knows about his skeletons, send us a message.

Update - April 22, 2010 - Response from a reader: It seems to be a fad over the last few years. Newly elected politicians want to make a name for themselves. They want to be known for something. Anything. They don't have much imagination or knowledge of the most serious problems facing our state, so what do they do? They pick the "good Ole standby" subject. Sponsor a law about children, pets or old people. It's like the recent law that went into effect a couple years ago. Some La. politician sponsored a bill which became law. The law? it is now illegal to feed wild alligators. I laughed so hard, and offerred to throw a crawfish boil for the entire town when the first citation is written for violating this law. No takers yet.

Johnathan, Sponsor a law that improves the lives of citizens of this state. get off the stupid feel good stuff. You are wasting time on this nonsense. These poor children need a place to call home. Who the hell cares about their sexual orientation. Why not sponsor a law making it illegal to teach school if you are gay? You wouldn't do that would you? Of course that would be called discrimination. Of course, if you want to apply logic to the two possibilities, A school teacher or an adoptive gay parent both have the potential to influence the sexual preference of a child. So what is the benefit of this proposed law?Hey Mr. perry, I have a great idea for a new law. Actually, I have a couple of them. First, lets make it illegal for a politician to become an insurance agent after he is elected. You see, it's a sneaky little way for them to take bribes from people looking to influence them. First they get elected. then they get a job with Metlife or similar company. So now you would like to meet with your senator. The only way you can get to sit down with him, is to make an appointment to review your insurance needs. So to make browny points you buy a policy, and it s like giving him money, and he helps you out with your problem. Six weeks after getting in the insurance business, he becomes salesman of the month.(Sen. craig Romero of New iberia never sold a policy until after he became senator.) taking away income from agents who have been in the business for 15 years. If this isn't milking the system, I don't know what is.

If you cant write that law Mr. Perry, how about making it illegal to own a share in a prison business, if you are in the position to sponsor bills to increase prison time, and help keep your private prison very profittable. The list of La. Politicians or ex-politicians with ownership in a private prison is a mile long. Charles fuselier (st. martin parish). Ray Lemaire and his posse' (vermilion parish) And a dozen others across the state have jumped into the prison business, and made millions. they pass laws increasing the penalties, shouting out "it's time to get tough on crime" all the while feathering their nests with millions of our tax dollars. Per capita, Louisiana has the largest percent of it's population incarcerated, more then any other state in the U.S. (we have had that title for well over ten years. Not because we are tough on crime, but because a large prison population makes a select few very rich. State Rep. Troy Hebert once said it costs about 21,000.00 per year to house a state inmate. Wow, 21k to babysit grown men for years at a time, but only a couple thousand per year to help poor working mothers. So after ten years as the top state for locking em up, has our crime rate gone down accordingly? Not one bit. So what has society gained from all the excessive prison sentences? Not sure, but the owners of the prisons have gained Millions. (Signed: A Vermilion Parish Resident)

Update - April 18, 2010: We've added another YO-YO for Jonathan Perry. It seems that he has come up with another ridiculous publicity stunt. This time he has introduced a bill in the State Legislature to keep the State of Louisiana on daylight savings time all year long. With the oil and gas industry being what it is to this state, the communications between Houston (the defacto oil and gas capital of the world) and Louisiana would be on different times. Every time anyone would go to any state adjoining Louisiana (Texas, Arkansas & Mississippi) they would have to change their watches. Meanwhile the cell phone companies would probably object to it as well. We need to get rid of this idiot and find someone more interested in important matters for the state, instead of pandering to the locals in Kaplan who are upset about the time change.

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