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Our Objectives & Privacy Policies

Initially most of our articles and information will be obtained from the local newspapers, journals, and the internet. We will be offering links to those stories so everyone can read the full articles from which we get our news. As we move along, we will be publishing comments about merchants and particularly about restaurants in the area. Plans are to eventually convert some sections of this site to a blog format for immediate input from others, and welcome any ideas you may have to offer. If you have photos, opinions, stories to tell, or if you want to complain, contact us by clicking on the Email Link on the left.

We will be posting various opinions and comments as we proceed. We will promote the freedom for each individual to choose the way they want to live, and are opposed to all forms of discrimination. Racism, homophobia, anti-semitism and bigotry don't belong in a modern society.

We believe freedom of religion also includes freedom from religion, and also feel that members of the clergy (priests, rabbis, ministers, imams, etc.) should not hold public office. This country was built on the separation of church and state, and we should leave it that way and not allow religion to influence lawmaking. If religions interfere, we should take away their tax-exempt status.

Many years back, the New York Herald Tribune had a front page column reviewing restaurants in the city. Michelin awarded stars in their guide books, but Tribune awarded trash cans for negative aspects of the restaurants reviewed. We have decided to award Yo-Yo's in place of trash cans, since the comments and actions of the local politicians more resemble movements of a Yo-Yo and don't feel any politician should be awarded stars. In other words, politicians are there to be skewered. Yo-Yo awards will also be awarded to merchants and restaurants providing inferior service or food. This website will be a place for others to tell their stories of their experiences as well. If you have witnessed any form of racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, or bigotry in this area please send us your story.

Our privacy policy is that we do not sell our list and do not publish the names or email addresses of those responding to this site, except if the email is from the subject written about. All emails published here will remain anonymous unless the sender specifically states that they want credit for their submission. If you want to report local gossip, those will be posted in a gossip section which is not yet developed. All gossip posted will be accompanied by a disclaimer that all information in the gossip section is just that and may not be true.

EMail to editors at 337POST.COM
NOTE: If sending photos, they should be no larger than 250 x 250 pixels at 72ppi.

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