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CC restaurant photo

Comeaux's Cafe "CC's"
104 South State Street - Abbeville LA 70510
(Across from the Courthouse)
Phone: (337) 898-9218

      Comeaux's Cafe is referred to by the locals as CC's. It is one of the local morning hangouts in Abbeville for politicians, would be politicians, oil field workers, farmers, city and parish bureaucrats and the many others who think they are important or are trying to impress others. A center table is the usual gathering place for most of these. It is like a daily parade of political wannabes fanning their feathers like mating peacocks. One morning, sitting at the same table were: a sheriff's deputy, a city councilman, a police juror, a retired school teacher, and a convicted felon.

      A familiar daily routine takes place: as each person leaves the table for the day, the others begin talking about that person (usually in unflattering ways). This routine usually repeats itself for almost each person leaving the table and/or the restaurant, until there are no others left to talk about. The most common complaint by the Republicans is how Obama is trying to socialize medicine in this country, yet several at this table are on Medicare (one of the largest socialized programs in the world).

      At another table one can find a regular group of women, probably discussing local gossip or telling funny stories about the men at the center table. Sometimes they are joined by a husband of one of the women, but most of the time the only man joining them is an employee of the sheriff's office (on rare occassions, even his wife joins them). Since this is a small town, in some ways like a little Peyton Place, there is ample gossip to go around.

      The food here is comparable to diners in the Northeast and coffee shops around the ain't fine dining. The restaurant only opens for breakfast and lunch, Monday thru Friday and for breakfast on Saturday. There is a luncheon buffet on weekdays and a breakfast buffet on Saturday. Two breakfast specialties are grilled bisquits and a jumbo breakfast. Don't order a standard egg plate with bisquit, bacon or sausage, and grits. It will cost you more than if you order the jumbo breakfast which consists of three eggs, a bisquit or sausage and grits (go figure). Whatever you do, don't order a club sandwich on toasted is served as a hot sandwich.

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