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The areas latest social club

Posted on July 14, 2013

FUEL Vermilion is a more of a social organization than a serious business organization. They have had meetings with some minor local politicians, and have been spreading the word about how they can become a force that can “Lead the Parish towards a more promising future.” They plan to do this by bringing back ‘Business After Hours.”

When we first heard of the organization, very few people knew anything about them. Today, many politicians and business leaders in the city think FUEL is nothing more than a social organization comprised of a slew of attractive women and young men for partying together.

We don’t see how they plan to attract attention with a name such as FUEL. We tried using Google Search to locate the organization's web site. Google Search listed mostly service stations and gasoline suppliers and we stopped looking after 500 listings. Only after we inquired about the organization did we succeed in learning the full name of the organization.

After we found the correct name and website, we were amazed to find a photo gallery with over 50 photos of what appears more like a facebook page full of party pictures rather than an organization trying to lead the parish towards a more promising future. Instead, it sounds like an invite to party after business hours. In this “Peyton Place” of a town, it may even suggest more.

On one page the website has the following quote: “FUEL Vermilion would like to thank the Abbeville Meridional, its staff writers and photographers for doing a great job covering our events.” Since Nikki Vidos is the vice-chairman, and is employed by the Meridional, it’s easy to see how they rate the coverage.

Recently, when a member on the executive committee posted negative things about the City of Abbeville on her facebook page, another member asked that we not publicize it, claiming that the posting was that of a young naive female member who wasn’t thinking clearly. The incident clearly shows that if they are so naïve as to post negative things on social media about the city they are trying to help promote, they probably won’t last too long.

The Chamber of Commerce, that right-wing conservative lobbying group, promotes the organization as the Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professional Group. Instead, it should be called the Chamber’s Social Auxiliary.

After a week of various meetings with politicians and trying to promote Vermilion Parish they all retired to a Japanese Restaurant instead of one of our truly local restaurants.

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