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Abbeville, Louisiana Grass Cutting Laws

Posted on July 8, 2013

In Abbeville, Louisiana, a resident in the 1500 block of West Port Street recently received a certified letter stating that the grass was too long (approximately 4” tall). The letter further stated that if the situation were not corrected within 10 days, the City of Abbeville would send someone to cut the grass.

A representative at the Abbeville City Hall stated that another resident had filed a complaint anonymously. When this person was asked how short the grass had to be, she said she didn’t know. The procedure, from what she described, was that once a complaint was filed, an employee from the utilities department goes out to investigate. If that person makes an arbitrary finding that the grass is too long, the certified letter follows.

At the same time that the resident on West Port received the letter from the city, the lot across the street had grass over about 18” tall. Armadillos, raccoons, opposums and field mice are seen crossing the street, resulting in almost daily road kill. Here are two photos of that lot at the time the certified letter was mailed:

grass photo 1 grass photo 2

Upon search of the City of Abbeville website, it is almost impossible to ascertain which ordinance applies to the grass cutting. In essence you could have a civil penalty imposed without due process.

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