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Photos of group of Mexicans

David Vitter's Aliens

He can't tell the difference.

The men in the photo above are not illegal aliens.
They are Mexicans living in Mexico.

Posted: October 19, 2010

David Vitter and Sharron Angle both used the above photo in their commercials. Vitter used the photo in a commercial with the words "Benefits for Illegals" showing up beneath the three men's faces, out of context. The photo was stolen, since the photographer had not granted permission for the use in a commercial.

According to Melissa Bell's article from BlogPost: "In 2006, journalist Sanjiv Bhattacharya and British photographer Chris Floyd traveled to Altar, Mexico, for a story for GQ magazine on the Minutemen. Floyd said as well as using his photograph out of context, he was uncertain how the photograph had been obtained and questioned the legality of the image's use in an advertisement. It is available on the Getty Web site, but Floyd said it could only be used for editorial work and the purpose of the commercial is clearly advertorial."

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