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Learning From the Sin of Sodom

February 27, 2010

As previously stated, we oppose any direct or indirect support by our government for any religion, religious belief, or religious teaching. However, Nicholas Kristoff in his article about World Vision (a Seattle-based Christian organization) makes a persuasive argument that it may be necessary when the non-religion based NGO's and govermental organizations are not up to the task. "World Vision now has 40,000 staff members in nearly 100 countries. That’s more staff members than CARE, Save the Children and the worldwide operations of the United States Agency for International Development — combined. The head of World Vision in the United States, Richard Stearns, argues that evangelicals were often so focused on sexual morality and a personal relationship with God that they ignored the needy. He writes laceratingly about 'a Church that had the wealth to build great sanctuaries but lacked the will to build schools, hospitals, and clinics. Stearns quotes the prophet Ezekiel as saying that the great sin of the people of Sodom wasn’t so much that they were promiscuous or gay as that they were 'arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.' (Ezekiel 16:49.)"