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Tammy's Flowers & Gifts - Abbeville

2112 Charity St, Abbeville, LA 70510 - Phone:(337) 893-3005

Many people think of flower shops in relation to funerals, weddings and proms. Yet, at Tammy's you may be surprised to see the many services this flower shop provides. Most amusing are probably the "dog house" bouquets purchased by men who have upset their wives or girlfriends (the bouquet comes with an image of a small dog house). In addition to flowers for funerals, weddings and prom corsages (no refunds on corsages if the boyfriend is a no-show). Following is a partial list of the things provided by Tammy's:

Fruit Baskets
Candy Baskets
Junk Food Baskets
Gourmet Baskets
Indoor Plants
Outdoor Patio Plants
Permanent Botanicals
Doghouse Bouquets
Wedding Flowers
Prom Corsages
Funeral Bouquets
Love Bouquets
Cemetery Bouquets
FTD Flowers Orders

Tammy's delivers to various area cities including, Lafayette, New Iberia, Kaplan and Maurice and also to Intracoastal City. The delivery fees are very reasonable ranging from $10 to $12 per order. Tammy has been in business for years and is well known in the community.
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