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Pit Stop Oil Change & Auto

2623 Veterans Memorial Dr. - Abbeville, Louisiana 70510
Phone: 337-893-5167 - Owners: Ryan & Cherie Leblanc

June 19, 2013 - Numberous people have complained about the service from this vendor. One person took his vehicle to Pit Stop to check the air conditioner which wasn't performing well. They found a leak and refilled the refrigerant and stated that there was a leak at the compressor and that the compressor had to be replaced at a cost of approximately $1000.00. The owner of the vehicle decided not to replace the compressor and drove for over three years without a problem with the air conditioner. How many people are fooled this way?.

Another customer brought his vehicle to Pit Stop for a tune-up and ended up being billed over $600.00. A day later, the check engine light lit up and the customer brought the vehicle back. They checked the computer on the vehicle and determined that the problem was probably cylinder No. 6 which may have a broke spark plug. The customer brought the vehicle back about a week later for them to correct the problem. Later that day, they phoned the customer to let him know the vehicle was ready. When the customer arrived to pick up the vehicle they wanted approximately $200.00 more for replacing a sensor, which was replace without the vehicle owner having approved the replacement of the sensor. When the customer stated that he had not authorized the procedure, the offered to replace the new sensor with the one they had removed earlier. This would have delayed the return of the vehicle by another period of time, so the customer paid them rather than lose use of the vehicle for any more time. How many people are fooled this way as well?

Others have told stories about how this vendor replaces more batteries than any other mechanic in Abbeville. How easy is it to tell an unsuspecting customer that the battery was not actually needing replacement.?

Abbeville has had a shortage of quick oil change vendors for several years. Fortunately Floyd's Quick Lube & Auto Repair has recently opened on Charity Street. The folks at Floyd's are much more courteous than at Pit Stop.

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