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Philip Gould Photo of Elemore Morgan, Jr.
Photo by Philip Gould

Elemore Morgan, Jr.

August 6, 1931 - May 18, 2008

Elemore Morgan, Jr. was a giant to many in this part of the country as well as to others around the world. Anyone who has ever met him, will never forget that meeting. Here some links to articles and videos of his work and life.

Wikipeida listing for Elemore.

ACADIAN MUSEUM induction of Elemore Morgan, Jr. as a Living Legend.

An article by R. Reese Fuller on the life of Elmore Morgan, Jr.

Elemore's work at Arthur Roger Gallery

YouTube video of Elmore.

We are interested in hearing from others with stories about Elemore Morgan, Jr., and
would like to hear from his former students about how he influenced their lives and their work.
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