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These are general interests articles and opinions.
We welcome input from others.

Good Without God Article posted February 15, 2011.
Caroline Fayard for Lieutenant Governor Article posted October 13, 2010.
BP - The Bad People Company Article posted August 14, 2010.
Drill, Baby, Drill....Oops! Article posted May 13, 2010.
Health-care Madness Article posted March 26, 2010.
Separation of Church & State Article posted March 12, 2010.
Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Infrastructure Article posted March 2, 2010.
Bobby Charles Guidry In memory of a good friend and a great songwriter
What is a Cajun? by Bob Hamm
Abbeville Meridional Editorial - January 29, 2009 Apology for endorsing George W. Bush.
New Orleans is Not the Drunkest City in the Country It doesn't even make the top ten.

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