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Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Infrastructure

During the past year, Republicans have been doing their damnedest to sink anything the Democrats are planning. This includes health care reform, climate change, stimulus bills and infrastructure, among others. It is one thing to be opposed ideologically to the other party’s ideas, but to have a concerted effort to do anything to destroy the other party is doing more to hurt this country than anything the Democrats are doing. . We are ignoring the many long-range problems in this country such as the science of climate change, but most importantly, we have been ignoring infrastructure for far too many years. The bridges of this country are collapsing, the intrastate highways are falling apart, the railways are antiquated, school buildings are collapsing and the power grid cannot meet the needs of the future. What are the Republicans doing? They are trying to prevent the Democrats from doing anything. They are making no effort at bi-partisanship because they hope they can get back in power by causing this administration to fail. Thomas Friedman, in today's New York Times (March 3, 2010), writes about an interview with Paul Otellini, the chief executive of Intel, who addresses some of the problems in this country. The following are quotes from Otellini:

“While America still has the quality work force, political stability and natural resources a company like Intel needs, said Otellini, the U.S. is badly lagging in developing the next generation of scientific talent and incentives to induce big multinationals to create lots more jobs here. A 2009 study done by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation and cited recently in Democracy Journal ‘ranked the U.S. sixth among the top 40 industrialized nations in innovative competitiveness — not great, but not bad. Yet that same study also measured what they call the rate of change in innovation capacity over the last decade — in effect, how much countries were doing to make themselves more innovative for the future. The study relied on 16 different metrics of human capital — I.T. infrastructure, economic performance and so on. On this scale, the U.S. ranked dead last out of the same 40 nations. ... When you take a hard look at the things that make any country competitive. ... we are slipping.” Click Here to read the entire article.

Even though we progressives and liberals are not all that happy with the way our President is doing some things, we do believe that this administration is trying to do things which will help this country. We don't understand how the people of this country can continue to elect officials who want nothing to do but destroy the party in power at the risk of destroying the country in the process. The Republican politicians are railing against the administration's plan to use reconciliation to pass major health care for this country. The United States is the only major industrialized nation in the world that does not provide comprehensive universal health care. Reconciliation has been used more by the Republicans than by the Democrats. The reconciliation process was used to pass the Bush tax cuts. Dick Cheney had to cast the deciding vote to pass the bill with a 51 to 50 vote in the Senate (not much of a majority). The Democrats currently have a 59 to 41 majority in the Senate (assuming Brown tbe new independent from Massachusetts is going to caucus with the Republicans). As far as we progressives and liberals are concerned, the Republicans are poor losers. President Obama is the President of the United States of America, which means that he is the president of the Democrats, the religious right, the tea party activists, racists, anti-abortionists, morons and even the Republicans who live in this country. To borrow a phrase used during the Vietnam War:

This is Your Country

Love it or Leave it

Article by Leo Touchet, March 3, 2010
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